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Khirah & Stephen | Surf City Welcome Center

24 Jan

Khirah & Stephen #1(Blog)

I can’t believe it’s been Khirah and Stephen #2 (Blog)two months since my last post. The 2016 wedding season is set to begin March 20th, but I still have many fond memories from 2015 to share. Cold January days definitely leave me longing for warm beach weather!

Although we’ve done a fair number of weddings in Surf City, this was our first at the Surf City Welcome Center. Parking near the pier during peak season can be challenging, however this venue comes with its own private lot. Bonus!  It also includes private access to the beach. Double bonus!

Khirah & Stephen #3 (Blog)As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the group photo between the first kiss and introduction is one of my favorite wedding pictures. It’s also a great way to bring everyone to their feet for the recessional.

Although most brides choose tropical flowers and shades of blue, sunflowers and sunset colors were the perfect choice for this naturally sunny bride. From the rehearsal to the reception I can’t remember a moment when she wasn’t filled with joy.  A fun wedding indeed!

Danielle & Tony | September 9, 2014

15 Mar

Danielle & Tony #1(Blog) The lighting of the unity candle is a popular wedding ceremony tradition, which usually begins with the mothers of the bride and groom lighting two tapered Danielle & Tony #3(Blog)candles. Later in the ceremony the bride and groom pick up the candles and together light one large pillar candle symbolizing the joining of two families into one.

Maintaining an open flame on the beach is challenging (not to mention prohibited by most town ordinances), fortunately there are other ways to represent this union that do not involve candles. One of the most popular options is the sand ceremony. In the sand ceremony, the couple blends two Danielle & Tony #2(Blog) individual vessels of sand into one. Typically the sand is placed on the table prior to beginning  the ceremony, but for this wedding we thought I would be fun to include the mothers.  We placed vases by their chairs and invited each to come forward and hand them to the bride and groom when the sand ceremony began. The sweet exchange made for a tender moment and a really touching photo.

My other favorite thing about Danielle & Tony #4(Blog)this wedding was the clever way Danielle found to honor loved ones who had passed. Instead of traditional aisle decorations she opted for photos and sayings which she called a walk down memory lane.  What a cool and creative way to honor the sprit of those who meant so much.

Location: Surf City, NC