Nichole & Sam | August 22, 2015

4 Jul

Nichole & Sam #1 (Blog)

Summer may seem like an ideal time for a seaside ceremony especially for brides attending school or working in education.  The months of June, July and August are also appealing for destination brides considering a wedding and honeymoon in one location.  This time of year is perfect for sun tanning on the beach and swimming in the warm North Carolina waves.  Why not extend your stay a few days after the festivities are over?  Also, guests traveling a great distance may be more willing to make the trip if your wedding can also double as their family vacation. 

Yes, summer weddings do have Nichole & Sam #2 (Blog)lots of benefits, however they also present challenges which need to be considered early in the planning process.  First, June, July and August are considered peak season months so lodging and parking will come at a premium.  Rates for hotel rooms and beach homes surge in the summer and often book out quickly.  Plan to pay a bit more during this time of year and encourage guests to make their reservations early.  Send out save-the-dates well in advance and consider getting room blocks at several locations and price points.  If you select a site that doesn’t include complementary parking, consider renting a trolley or shuttle bus to transport guests to and from the beach.  Keep in mind some hotels do not provide free parking for wedding guests unless they are staying overnight at the hotel so make sure to ask. 

Hot temperatures will bring more tourists to the beach so be prepared for a few extra onlookers sharing your special day.  Your invited guests and wedding party may feel a bit stifled in their Sunday best so give a relaxed dress code some thought.  Also consider about selecting lighter fabrics and colors for your bridesmaids and groomsmen attire.  Choosing a start time after 6pm will greatly reduce the number of tourist on the beach as well as the intensity of the sun. 

Nichole & Sam #3 (Blog)

This bride wisely chose the Carolina Beach Courtyard Marriott for her August beachfront wedding.  The hotel lobby provided a great air conditioned space for guests to congregate until the ceremony was set to begin. A gentle breeze coupled with the shade of white paper parasols quelled harsh rays of the sun.  The ceremony was short, but sweet and I was touched by the loving way in which Nichole and Sam exchanged vows.  As the couple committed themselves to one another for a lifetime silence fell upon busy beach.  The gentile way he held her hands and the intensity of their gaze brought strangers to their feet and shushed the noisy chatter of children.  A true cinematic moment indeed.

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Carolina Beach


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