Jen & Courtney | April 18, 2015

26 Jul

Jen & Courtney #1(Blog)
First wedding of the year at theJen & Courtney #4 (Blog) beautiful Wrightsville Beach Holiday Inn Sunspree. One of my favorite things about this property is the dramatic staircase down to the beach. The hotel is shaped like a giant “V” with a pool in the middle and staircases on either side which lead from the third floor dining deck all the way down to the ocean. A two-staircase design is perfect for weddings as it provides beachgoers an alternate route to and from the hotel during the ceremony. From just inside the third floor lobby a bride can watch all the action below; guest seating, bridal party processional and even theJen & Courtney #2 (Blog) groom waiting anxiously at the end of the aisle for a first glimpse of his new bride. However, the glass has a slight tint so those on the beach can’t see the bride. I also love the gazebos at the beach end of each staircase, which create a beautiful frame for the bride to walk through.

Typically, it is the bride’s walk down these stairs, which tops my list of favorite moments at Holiday Inn weddings.  However at Jen and Courtney’s wedding it was the couple’s recessional back up the stairs which I loved most about this special day.

Although Wrightsville Beach’s renourishment efforts were just completed in June 2014, we have already seen the shoreline begin to shrink. So to stay out of the tide line during certain times of day we have started setting up our pavilions  a bit closer to the dunes. With less beach space and a record number of guests participating in the Jen & Courtney #3 (Blog) bubble send-off we elected to line everyone up the stairs starting at the beach and ending at the access to the pool. With bubbles flying the happy couple walked through this impromptu “tunnel of love” on their way to the reception.

Location: Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort, Wrightsville Beach

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