Chelsea & Tom | April 11, 2015

12 Jul

Chelsea & Tom #1(Blog)

Chelsea & Tome #3 (Blog)The logistical part of ceremony planning begins about 6-8 weeks before the wedding.  At that time, we schedule a call with the bride to discuss all the typical things; music, seating, bridal party, ceremony wording and send-off.  Divorced parents, handicapped guests and small children or pets in the bridal party sometimes require us to come up with creative ways to ensure a seamless ceremony.  I used to say I’ve seen it all and that nothing surprises me anymore.  We’ve had two couples divorce and remarry their spouses, a ring bearer in a bear costume, a volcano ceremony which included the bride and groom wearing aprons and safety goggles, a five piece brass band, a pirate wedding complete with the officiant in an eye patch and countless other fun moments that still make me smile.   After conversing with nearly 200 brides, I feel like there is nothing I haven’t seen .   Rarely does a bride surprise me with an idea for something I don’t know how to handle, but I’ve learned over the years, never say never.

Chelsea & Tom #5 (Blog)Chelsea’s ceremony was pretty straight forward, a bridal party of nine, two sets of parents – still married to their original spouses and a saber send off at the end.  Instead of a maid of honor she opted to include her brother Michael as man of honor.  So far so good.  Then she announced Michael was also going to be her photographer and that he planned to walk their mother down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony.  What? . . . How?  I certainly didn’t have any fast solutions for this one, but eventually we figured it out.  With a second photographer and a little rearranging of the bridal party Man of Honor/photographer Michael was able to stand by his sister’s side and still capture all her important moments.  I usually try to post photos which don’t include the photographer, but this time I made an exception.  See Michael photographing his father giving the bride away (above) and crouched on the stairs in the saber send off (below).

Chelsea & Tom #2(Blog)

Location: Carolina Beach, Atlantic Towers

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