Amy & Josh | October 24, 2014

26 Apr

Amy & Josh #4(Blog)Over the years I’ve witnessedAmy & Josh #1.1(Blog) many blended family weddings with children from past relationships. Most choose to include their kids in some special way.  After all, marriage is more than the union of two people, it’s a blending of two families.   If you have kids, asking them to participate in the ceremony can be a wonderful idea.  It not only symbolizes the creation of your new family but can also be an important step in fostering this new relationship.
Amy & Josh #2(Blog)Age didn’t stop Amy from asking her daughter to stand beside her as Jr. Maid of Honor and Josh from inviting his son to be the Jr. Best Man.  The kids were more than happy to take on the responsibility and fulfilled their roles beautifully; delivering the rings, holding the bouquet, fixing the brides dress and even walking down the aisle arm and arm just like the adults at the end of the ceremony.

Location: Fort Fisher Recreational Area

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