Taylor & J Jay | September 6, 2014

8 Mar

Taylor & J.Jay#2(Blog) Taylor & J.Jay #1(Blog) Wedding friendly homes on Wrightsville Beach are few and far between, but when you’re lucky enough to have family on the island finding the perfect location isn’t a problem. Taylor’s grandparents purchased their vacation getaway more than 30 years ago but loved it so much that they ended up retiring here a few years back. After weathering several hurricanes the house was put on stilts to keep it safe from rising water which inadvertently created the perfect open air oasis for a beach wedding reception.

After a romantic seaside ceremony the couple and their guests adjourned to Taylor’s grandparents home just steps from the beach. The party continued well past sunset beneath the canopy of whiteTaylor & J.Jay #4(Blog) lights highlighting a sprinkling of large round tables dressed in neatly pressed white linens. Starfish and burlap accentuated each table and were soon filled with the happy sounds of friends & family.

Favorite moment was watching Taylor and J.Jay pause just long enough to share a heartfelt moment with their parents before beginning the recessional. How sweet is that!

Location: Oxford Street, Wrightsville Beach

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