Mandy & Chris | August 2, 2014

1 Mar

Mandy & Chris #1(Blog) Mandy & Chris #2(Blog)I love hearing about how couples met, fell in love and decided to get married. It is particularly fun to listen to them recount their story together. I so enjoy the playful banter that ensues as each interjects sweet memories from the past, teasing one another about awkward introductions and blushing as their partner recounts the moment they knew they found the one. No two love stories are ever the same and I never tire of hearing them.

Lying on the table in the examination room at his doctor’s office is probably not where Chris thought he would meet his future wife, but fate had other plans.  Yes, I’m sure it takes a bit of courage to ask a woman out in any situation but to do so successfully while under her medical care would certainly require more than most men could muster.Mandy & Chris #3(Blog) As Chris recounted their story I could tell by the smile on Mandy’s face and the subtle way she tugged as his arm, his awkward  invitation for a first date won here over and to this day still makes her heart melt.

Location: Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

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