Xuan & Brian | April 4, 2014

19 May

Xuan & Brian#1(Blog)
I must admit I’m a bit Xuan & Brian(Blog) partial to the Oceanic; it is after all where Paul and I shared our first date, admiring the ocean and swapping stories over Oysters Rockefeller one crisp March afternoon. Aside from sentimental reasons, I love this place because of all the interesting facets which make it a great venue for beach weddings. The magnificent pier, rustic old bench and cool entry stairs provide a really unique backdrop for photos. I also love that this venue has a private ocean view room which makes for a great reception space and serves as the bridal Xuan & Brian #2(Blog)suite prior to the ceremony.

Excitement turned to nerves as the bride watched her guests take their seats on the beach from the third floor window of the Oceanic. It can be a bit intimidating to walk down the aisle knowing every eye is looking at you. Fortunately fear of falling is unfounded, tears of joy are met with a sweet embrace and anxiety wanes the moment you lay eyes on the groom.

With the ceremony in full swing, I joined a group of onlookers midway down the pier Xuan & Brian #3(Blog) for an awesome arial view of the tree planting ceremony. A novel twist on the unity candle or sand ceremony, the tree planting ceremony symbolizes the joining of two into one, the putting down of roots and the strength and longevity of the marriage. After the wedding the tree is replanted in special place where the couple can continue to watch it grow. What a cool idea!

Location: Oceanic Restaurant, Wrightsville Beach

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