Krystal & Stephen | August 17, 2013

25 Sep

Krystal & Stephen #1(Blog)
Krystal and Stephen’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings of the year. In fact, by the end of the ceremony my Krystal & Stephen #2 (Blog) cheeks were actually sore from smiling. The groom and his groomsmen keep us entertained until the moment they walked down the aisle. The bride was so genuinely happy and excited that I couldn’t help but smile in her presence.

Working at the Holiday Inn Sunspree is always a great experience, however, this wedding was extra special. Noni went out of her way to put the bride’s mind at ease, providing several good options for an indoor ceremony and arranging for us to have a second practice at this back-up location. Fortunately, good weather prevailed and we did not have to move inside, Krystal & Stephen #4(Blog)but it was certainly nice to have an alternative. This wedding was also the first opportunity we had to work with The Three Divas and I have to say it was truly a delightful experience. I couldn’t help but feel a sence of comrodary with these high energy, ultra enthusiastic ladies. They did a beautiful job decorating our pavilion and kept us smiling all afternoon.

Location: Holiday Inn Sunspree, Wrightsville Beach

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